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Type II Diabetes

The prostate gland is a small, walnut-shaped gland that plays an important role in sex and urination. With age, the gland may begin to grow, resulting in a condition known as benign prostate hyperplasia. This disorder may begin as early as a man’s 30’s or 40’s, although symptoms usually do not appear until many years…


Sexually transmitted diseases, or STDs, are infectious diseases communicated via sexual contact. Even skin-to-skin contact is enough to spread some infections, such as genital herpes or warts. Some STDs are bacterial while others are viral. Bacterial infections are generally recognized as curable using antibiotics and medical oversight. Viral infections, on the other hand, are non-curable and…


The thyroid is like the body’s built-in thermostat, producing hormones that regulate its various systems and functions. The hormones released from the thyroid must be in careful balance to prevent symptoms that can affect the quality of life. But sometimes this butterfly-shaped gland falls out of balance, either producing too much or too little thyroid…

Flu Season

When your child spikes a fever or is experiencing growing pains, don’t shy away from an over-the-counter medicine. Both acetaminophen and ibuprofen are effective and generally safe so long as you follow proper dosing instructions. For your convenience, we’ve outlined our guidelines for dosing, though we encourage you to contact our office if you have…

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